• HBS Cultural Day 2019
    HBS Cultural Day 2019
  • 2019 Christmas Funfair
    2019 Christmas Funfair

    Hon Bethel Schools Christmas Funfair 2019

  • Hon Bethel Schools Cultural Day 2019
    Hon Bethel Schools Cultural Day 2019
  • Hon Bethel College
    Hon Bethel College
  • Culture - A Way of Life
    Culture - A Way of Life

    At Hon Bethel Schools, We love and appreciate culture is always preserved. 

  • We Enjoy Great Support.
    We Enjoy Great Support.

    We can't do it all alone. We team up with great organizations to provide all round quality education to our Pupils.

  • Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders
    Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders

    We recognize the formative ages of our children, to catch them young is the key. Like we believe when a child gets to a certain age what you could be doing is correction.

  • Qualified Teachers
    Qualified Teachers

    Our Teaching and non-teaching staffs are highly qualified.

  • Equipped Music Studio
    Equipped Music Studio

    We parade a state of the art music studio to equip and train our students on the rudiments of music

  • Hon-Bethel College
    Hon-Bethel College
  • 2019 Cultural Day
    2019 Cultural Day
  • Cultural in Display
    Cultural in Display

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The Power of Teacher's Smile

The reason we remember these teachers over all the others who came and went, is that they had something that the others did not. Maybe it was their passion for teaching, or the fact that they took the time to relate to you, or perhaps it was the way they always kept things interesting no matter how dull the subject.

These are the types of teachers that schools need, because they bring out the best in their students and motivate them to change and grow. There is a quote that says: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

This is something we should all strive for; to be great rather than just mediocre, to inspire rather than lecture and most importantly, to effect a positive change in the lives of those we teach and work with.

Here are eight of the most inspiring traits that make a teacher truly great:

A great teacher…

…is passionate about teaching

If nothing else, every teacher should be passionate about their subject and have a passion for teaching. Teachers that love their subject or simply love the fact that they can be there to pass on their knowledge to the next generation are able to inspire their students in a way that no one else can.

Passionate teachers can muster as much enthusiasm about fractions as they might for their favorite sports team or an upcoming vacation, and that kind of enthusiasm is bound to rub off on people.

…is creative

Great teachers know how to take a standard old curriculum and cover the same material in a way that speaks to students and piques their interest.

Rather than just following the textbook, great educators find ways to make lessons interactive and bring them to life in a way that helps students relate to a topic.  Anyone can plan a lesson, but it takes creativity to plan a lesson that will stick with students for years to come.

…is flexible

A great teacher knows that every student is different and that different approaches are necessary in different circumstances. A great teacher is not afraid to bend the rules or put in the extra hours to help a struggling student understand a difficult concept.

Great educators also know that in order to give students a well rounded education, they must embrace different resources and technology. They also know when to scrap a plan and do something spontaneous rather than cling rigidly to the textbook way of doing things.

…is hardworking

A great teacher will push through those rough days when students don’t listen, parents are angry and coworkers can’t agree. A great teacher knows that the good days make up for the bad days, no matter how many there may be.

If you want to make it as a teacher you will need to be able to deal with stress and deadlines, but you also need to have the ability to strike a balance between your personal life and your work so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.

…is willing to learn

That’s right! Teachers can learn too. Great teachers don’t close themselves off to new ways of doing things or concepts they may not be familiar with. A great teacher knows that he or she has something to learn from everyone, from their coworker across the hall to that sixteen-year-old in their history class.

A teacher’s smile is important on so many levels in the quest to reach students. Let’s face it, if you can’t reach your students, the learning just won’t happen. But how can something as simple as a smile help?

Feeling free to ask questions:
In his article about the power of a teacher’s smile, Mr.Harekrushna Behera, Unchahar shares how a teacher touches the heart of a student through the magnetic touch of smile. He adds that a smile creates confidence & love among the children. ‘Unless the children love the teacher, how can they love the subject?' The smiling face of the teacher says “love and caring,” and creates a positive vibration among the children who become fearless to express everything. They begin to ask questions. ‘Freedom automatically happens when smile exists in the classroom'. Asking questions then empowers their capacity to learn.

Feeling safe, so learning can take place
Remember how frightened some of us felt on the first day of school? It’s even more difficult today with so many “social expectations,” to live up to, especially for high school students. When you see a little lost soul roaming the hallway with class schedule in hand, your smile will instantly re-affirm your true caring nature. When you approach a child with a smile on your face, you have automatically melted down any barrier or defense mechanism that would adversly affect your communication with the child. A smile is the easiest thing a teacher can do to put their students at ease and welcome them to class. The simple power of a smile lets them know they are in a safe and caring environment. Once that is evident, learning can and will take place. Isn’t one of the reasons we teach to create a happy and nurturing environment where learning can be fun? Your smile will say all that and more!

Change their mood and your own as well…
Research shows that when we smile, even when we aren’t really in the best of moods, we actually begin to feel better. Our internal system equates certain expressions with certain feelings. We can feel good and smile; but we can also smile and feel good. As teachers, when we smile, we will definitely feel better. But that’s not all. Our smile is then reflected back to us by our students, who also feel better. Now, we have created a happy and positive environment for learning. What a great way to start your class!

An Important Responsibility
Teachers should consider it their responsibility to say or express something encouraging to their students each and every day. A smile alone, says it all. No matter how bad you are feeling, by smiling you are modeling a positive and productive attitude that will be mimicked by your students. Your smile sends them off with a happy feeling to begin their day. This may be the first (and possibly the only) act of kindness the students will experience during their day.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Smile and the whole world smiles with you.”
Well, this saying is actually grounded in fact. When you smile, it sends off a triggering effect that elicits smiles in those around you. Even in non-optimum situations, a smile can easily brighten up everybody’s mood. A smile can work wonders in a classroom full of anxious children. Use your beautiful smile daily. Shower your students in smiles and watch them blossom!

Dale Carnegie said: “The expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.”








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